Why do we watch films? It’s a question that has no wrong answer, but it can be summed up in three simple reasons; To be entertained. To learn. To experience. Whether it’s the latest superhero blockbuster or the hot new independent film, there’s something  about seeing images and stories being played out on a big screen that captures our attention. As a global society we have always been captivated by the telling of a story. We have always been captivated by the hero’s journey and every film in its own way fulfills that primal instinct within us. 

   It all starts with the hero’s journey. It starts with an adventure. It starts with the hero embarking on an impossible mission. The hero must travel outside of himself and his familiar environment to attain an external goal which usually results in an internal change. We live and experience ourselves as the hero, as he journeys to attain his goal and find his truth. We relate to the hero because we have our own adventures that we embark upon and our own lessons to learn. We love the journey and when one adventure is finished, we are eager to begin another. This is the power of story. The power of a great  movie. Its not just the entertainment aspect, but the experience that we value. 

     On a more basic level, movies provide the perfect escape into another reality that makes us feel something. Cinemahustle is for moviebuffs, filmmakers, actors, actresses, and anyone else from any walk of life that can relate to having an appreciation and passion for films. This is going to be a unique, serious, fun, and sometimes hilarious look at movies and the world of moviemaking. Stay tuned for commentary, news, and special editorials. 



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