After earning $135 million dollars in its opening weekend, Deadpool fever is in full effect. Deadpool is not your friendly neighborhood superhero however, he is a wise cracking, ass kicking, gun toting, anti-hero with an attitude. The “merc with the mouth” adds $55 million to its domestic box office total this week proving that you don’t need a goody two shoes hero and a PG 13 rating to bring in the box office dollars. This film doesn’t pretend to have the depth of a Dark Knight or the lightness of an Avengers film, it simply occupies its own heroic cinematic space. 

     Deadpool is a fun super hero love story with guns and guts. The film seamlessly mixes adult and sometimes juvenile humor with blood gushing action. The love story aspect was a pleasant surprise and the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Monica Baccarin, who plays his love interest, was very tangible. The whole reason our smart mouthed hero is causing so much havoc, is to regain the love of his life. To get his life back, he has to get revenge, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Ryan Reynolds embodies this character with his sarcastic wit and it’s hard to imagine anyone else wearing the red tights. Throughout the film, we realize that Wade Wilson is just as crazy and foul mouthed whether or not he wears the costume. 

     The marketing campaign behind this film was a movie in and of itself. The character of Deadpool was everywhere on social media and billboards spouting witty banter that only increased our anticipation for the release date. This definitely changes the game for the superhero genre, proving that having a hard R rating can be a good fit for this type of film. That doesn’t mean that every hero film should be rated R. We don’t need to see Spider Man drinking beer and grabbing his nuts. Some superheroes have a darker edge and it’s nice to see filmmakers that are bold enough to translate that to the screen. Director Tim Miller, who normally works as a visual effects and creative director, dominates the screen with inventive action, angles, and a great use of slow motion. This is only the first feature film for the director. 

          We’re still a few weeks away from the juggernaut that is Batman v Superman, but until then, it’s Deadpool’s world. 

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