The decadence and narcissism in a big city high-rise begin to slowly unravel in the upcoming psychological thriller High-Rise. Tom Hiddleston is Dr. Robert Laing, a new tenant in the luxurious apartment complex, who gets caught in the middle of the chaotic events and eventual class warfare that takes place at the residence. Adapted from the 1975 novel by J.G. Ballard, it foretells a future society crippled by technology, divide by class warfare, and degenerating into anarchy. Ballard uses the high-rise as a microcosm to comment on the ills and potential fall of western society, and the novel is one of many dystopian works by the author. 

      In the past few years, English director Ben Wheatley has honed his craft on indie genre films like Kill List (2011) and Down Terrace (2009). Based on the trailer, he successfully adapts this unique novel, that has very little dialogue, to the screen. The trailer hits us with opulent and chaotic images of people enjoying excess and going mad. It presents an exciting journey that audiences are sure to enjoy. 

High-Rise will ba available on iTunes, On Demand and Amazon on April 28th and in U.S. theaters on May 13. 


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