From the creative minds at Marvel Studios comes the first promotional poster for Doctor Strange. After suffering a terrible accident that crushes the bones in his hands, Dr. Stephen Strange begins to study and master the mystic arts. In this new promotional image we see the man himself looking up at a glorious light coming through his mystical abode. The image is as dark and mysterious as the man himself. 
  The teaser image is just enough to wet our appetites, and is a prelude to the official trailer that will premiere tonight. Dr. Strange is a little known B character from Marvel comics and this film will introduce his magical world to the mainstream. Marvel’s Doctor Strange opens November 4th of this year and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachael McAdams, and Mads Mikkelsen. 

         The trailer has just premiered on Jimmy Kimmel and it is fantastic! It brilliantly shows you his origin story. We see Stephen Strange as a bitter man who doesn’t believe in anything anymore since his accident. Then he meets The Ancient One ( Tilda Swinton ) who teaches him that there is more than one reality that exists, and that there are strange powers in the universe. This is a slightly darker tone than the usual Marvel film and it conveys a strong sense of mystery and suspense. Tilda Swinton looks amazing as The Ancient One, who traditionally is a male character. Benedict Cumberbatch fits perfectly into his role as a broken man who becomes a master. This trailer is one minute and fifty six seconds of cinematic awesomeness! Enter the magical, mysterious, and mystical world of Doctor Strange. 

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