Ray Kroc was just a fifty-two year old milkshake machine salesman when he was struck by inspiration after visiting a little hometown burger joint. McDonald’s was a small chain of burger restaurants run by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Kroc was so impressed by the then revolutionary idea of fast food delivery that he offered to become the franchising agent for the brothers. That was the beginning of Ray Kroc’s takeover that would inspire the fast food business and change America’s eating habits. 

        The Weinstein Company, known for its Oscar worthy film slate, brings us The Founder.  The film is somewhat of an “origin story”,if you will, on the creation and expansion of McDonald’s into a fast food empire guided by the ambitions of Ray Kroc. The trailer gives us a peek into the world of the savvy business dealings, heartbreaks, and early successes that took place in the beginning. We see Kroc wheeling and dealing his way into full control of the fast food franchise, his obsession to make it a national brand, and his eventual conflict with the McDonald brothers. 


 Just from the trailer, Michael Keaton’s performance looks dynamic and masterful. He is obviously in complete command of his performance. The story of Ray Kroc is somewhat of an inspirational true story but the film doesn’t seem to be going the route of sentimentalism. Instead, it seems to also show the ruthless tactics employed by Kroc to build his empire. The subject of fast food in America has always been a controversial topic as it relates to health and well being, and McDonald’s is always at the center of that controversy. Hopefully the film will be able to delve into some of those issues as well. Either way, this film looks like a well made and well rounded telling of a major figure in the complex world of fast food. 

The Founder is due in theaters on August 5th of this year. It is directed by John Lee Hancock and Jeremy Renner is also a producer on the film. 

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