John Wick wants peace, but he belongs to a shadowy organization of assassins that refuse to let him rest. John Wick: Chapter Two begins with the Boogeyman himself enacting the vengeance he began in the first film. 

 Keanu Reeves is at home in this role were he exhibits a fierce determination and gracefully handles the physical demands of the role. He runs, jumps, punches, shoots, and chokes his enemies into submission. 

The action in this film is turned up ten notches from the original. The hand to hand combat and the shoot out scenes present a real sense of danger and excitement. Director Chad Stahelski does an amazing job with the camera work while covering the carnage that takes place. We get very little shaky camera movements. The camera simply stays still, allowing the viewer to see the action in plain sight. When the camera does move frantically, it’s to illustrate the hectic nature of the scene. 


   We get great appearances from Common and Laurence Fishburne. Their performances add to the rugged and dangerous world of John Wick. We also get spectacular scenes that take place in the infamous Continental Hotel. The Continental serves as a safe zone were violence is not allowed. 

John Wick: Chapter Two is an entertaining action film that takes us into a dark and dangerous world and unlike most action films, the story is just as satisfying. Stay tuned for John Wick: Chapter Three. 

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