Oscar season. We are only a few weeks away from the cinematic Super Bowl called the Oscar Awards. This is the time of year that we celebrate the hard work of filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, and various film technicians. After being plaqued with the “Oscars so white” controversy this may be one of the most diverse group of  Best Picture nominees that we’ve seen in the history of the Academy Awards. 
        Moonlight, features a young gay African American male growing up in The notorious Liberty City of Miami. 
      Lion, features an Indian man adopted by Australian parents. 
  Fences, features a working class African American man in the 1950’s trying to keep his family together. 
     Hidden Figures, which is now the highest grossing of all the Best Picture nominees, features three African American women who are NASA employees and contribute to launching the first mission into space. 
    These are all well deserved and well made films that have pleased audiences and critics alike. This shows that Hollywood is at least headed in the right direction when it comes to creating and recognizing quality films that feature a diverse array of characters. 

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