Just like the Justice League trailer this weekend, the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has the internet on fire with anticipation. We see High schooler Peter Parker getting adjusted to life as a superhero with a little mentorship from Tony Stark.

            We’re also introduced to The Vulture, who serves as the main villain of this newest incarnation of the Spider-Man franchise. What’s great about this trailer is that not only do we get some “amazing” action sequences we also get quiet moments of dialogue. It’s these quiet moments that gives us a better idea of what the story will actually be about. Peter Parker has to learn to be a hero with or without the Spider-Man suit. 

       While the Justice League trailer didn’t give us enough story, the Spider-Man trailer may have revealed too many story points. It also relied heavily on the presence of Tony Stark. Many people are jokingly calling this the Iron Man 4 trailer. Regardless, it’s exciting to see a Spider-Man film that’s a little closer to the source material and that plays a part in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland is a perfect Peter Parker and its going to be interesting to see how he ages and develops in future films. 

Spider-Man Homecoming swings into theaters July 7, 2017.

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