Actor, director, writer Ethan Hawke takes us back to the American West with his graphic novel Indeh. Illustrated in smooth black and white by legendary comic artist Greg Ruth, Indeh tells the story of the Apache Wars in early America. Far from being a stereotypical portrayal of Native Americans, the story is told from their point of view and highlights the injustices they faced that forced them to go to war with white settlers. Inspired by Native history, Ethan Hawke originally envisioned this story as a screenplay but decided to create a graphic novel instead. 

      The word “indeh” literally means “the dead” and true to its namesake the graphic novel focuses on events and Native heroes long forgotten. In the story, a young brave, after losing his family, approaches the Apache leader about leading an attack to defend their people. Inspired by a vision of courage, this young brave would soon become the legendary Native American warrior Geronimo. We follow  Geronimo and the Apache nation as they fight for their land, their culture, and ultimately fighting for peace. Ethan Hawke’s writing is layered and complex and Greg Ruth’s black and white art is realistic and raw. 

        Indeh was released last summer, was an instant New York Times Bestseller and is still available in bookstores, comic book stores, and online. 

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