Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters. Universal Pictures continues to kick off its horrifying monster franchise with new posters and a second trailer to the supernatural thriller The Mummy. This film will be the headliner in a series of films that will feature inegmatic characters like Dr. Jekyll, The Invisible Man, and Dracula.  

          The new poster places Tom Cruise as the headliner amid a scorching cityscape with the menacing Mummy looking from behind. The new trailer presents us with fantastic images of the discovery and unleashing of ancient evil. Sofia Boutella plays the newest incarnation of the terrifying creature who has nefarious plans for the new world that she finds herself in. An Egyptian princess in her former life, she awakens with vengeance on her mind and a dark agenda for a man named Nick Mortan, played by Tom Cruise. Assisting Cruise in this adventure is Russell Crowe who plays the legendary Dr. Jekyll. The trailer may have given away a few story points but this does look like a spectacular, popcorn munching, summer blockbuster. 

       The Mummy is set to be released on June 9, 2017. 


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