Warsaw is the largest city in Poland in addition to being the capital. It was once considered to be the Paris of the East before the devastation it suffered during World War II. Today, Warsaw is seen as a popular tourist destination and cultural hotspot with its gothic architecture, thriving art scene, and its infamous nightlife. 

       Warsaw is the setting for All These Sleepless Nights, the latest film from Polish director Michael Marczak that blurs the line between narrative and documentary filmmaking. All The Sleepless Nights played at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016, winning a Best Director award for Marczak in the catagory of World Cinema-Documentary.  The film follows young art school classmates Christopher and Michael as they aimlessly wander the streets of Warsaw looking for adventure, stimulation, and hedonistic pleasures. The film has no conventional plot but simply shows the two young men drifting through parties, clubs, and city streets enjoying the music,women, and happenings of the city. 

      The trailer to this film is very vibrant. It shows these young men at the cusp of the beginning of their lives. They are searching for joy, freedom and life. They are taking advantage of this blissful time in their youth to explore the world and develop their identity. Marczak seems to be combining elements of improv with his filming. Some of the moments in the trailer seem real, spontaneous and unstaged.  All These Sleepless Nights has a slice of life style that may not be for everyone, but for the film enthusiast it’s definitely worth seeing. Since this is an International Art House film, it’s playing in limited release and should be available on streaming services by the summertime.

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