Cars falling out of buildings! Cars on ice! A tank, a submarine, and Russian torpedoes! Once again, the Fast & Furious franchise turns up the volume with non stop pure adrenaline. With Fate of the Furious, this film series continues to solidify its place as a cinematic juggernaut. In only its first few days in theaters, this multicultural action adventure has already grossed half of a billion dollars worldwide. 

       The Fate of the Furious is simply a great time at the movies and it’s a perfect kick starter to the summer blockbuster season. In this eighth entry to the series, our favorite street racers continue their international exploits. This time, the patriarch of the group, Dom Toretto, seems to turn against his team and now takes orders from a mysterious cyber criminal named Cipher. From there, we go on an adventurous thrill ride of action and emotion that never fails to satisfy. As usual, we get a series of outstanding visual spectacles of action. Are they “ridiculous” and “over the top”? Maybe. But this is nothing different than what you would see in a James Bond film or the Mission Impossible series. The action here is large and entertaining. 

        From the main streets of Havana Cuba, the back streets of Berlin, the side streets of New York, and the ice roads of Russia, we get a bevy of hot looking cars in thrilling car chases. Director F. Gary Gray is more than competent when it comes to directing the action. All of the fight scenes and car chases look spectacular and exciting. 

       Charlize Theron adds an extra dimension to this film as its villain, Cipher. She is shrewd and calculating in her manipulation of Dom. Helen Mirren also makes an impression with her brief role. Vin Diesel brings his trademark stoicism, but this time makes Dom a little more emotional due to a plot point that’s revealed. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham have some of the best scenes and lines in the film. Statham nearly steals the show with a spectacular shoot out scene towards the end. Tyrese Gibson continues his role as the comic relief as he shoots off humorous one liners. 

        The whole ensemble of actors and actresses work effectively well together. The chemistry and comradery is palpable and can be felt onscreen. These films actually make you care about its characters and that’s why the franchise continues to work. The values of family, brotherhood, and loyalty are the backbone of these films and they ring true for the audience. 
       The Fate of the Furious is pure fun and satisfying entertainment. These movies work best when you don’t take them too seriously. Just relax and enjoy the ride. 





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