To prepare us for the horrifying events to come in Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant, 20th Century FOX released an ominous online short clip entitled The Crossing. The short film clip acts as a prologue to the new Alien film and a connective tissue to the ending events of Prometheus. 

      The Crossing is two minutes and forty seconds of sci-fi suspense. It focuses on the last two survivors of the Prometheus crew and their continued mission to reach the Engineers’ planet. The android David and crew member Elizabeth Shaw must pick up the pieces of their failed mission. We see Elizabeth repairing the damage done to David during the last moments of the Prometheus film. We then see her enter a state of chryosleep until they reach their destination. However, as they come upon the infamous planet, David has nefarious plans for the Engineers. 

      With a name like Alien: Covenant, we can expect the same mix of science fiction and mythology combined with metaphysical imagery that we witnessed in Prometheus. On a side note, it’s interesting to see how studios are beginning to use the online space as a storytelling device to compliment a films release. Alien: Covenant opens May 19. 

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