Gears of War is a popular action adventure video game that’s slowly turning into a major multimedia franchise. The third person shooter game was developed by Epic Games in 2006 and is now owned and published by Microsoft Studios. 

Taking place in the future on an Earth-like planet named Sera, military troops called Gears wage war against mutated reptilian creatures that threaten to destroy their world. The growing franchise has branched out into five games, several novels, a comic book series, and now a big screen adaptation is in the works. 

      Universal Pictures is gearing up to turn the popular game into the next cinematic franchise by hiring famed screenwriter Shane Salerno. Salerno is known for writing the action classic Armageddon, Oliver Stone’s Savages, and four Avatar sequels for James Cameron. 

       From Mortal Combat, Hitman, and Assassin’s Creed, video games have a poor reputation on the big screen. There has not been one adaptation that’s been a critical or commercial success. Gears of War is interesting source material with its futuristic, action adventure, sci fi landscape and has the potential to be a huge cinematic franchise if handled properly. 

Gears of War has no set release date and is currently in the early developmental stage. 


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