For one world to live, the other must die. The final trailer to Transformers: The Last Knight explodes with images of cataclysmic destruction. In this installment of our robotic heroes, Optimus Prime, who’s spent the last few films defending Earth, is now trying to destroy it. Standing in his way are all of his former Autobot companions including Bumblebee, whose become a popular character in the franchise. 

         As in most Transformers trailers, we get the usual collage of visual excitement. We get splashy images of transforming robots fighting to the death. We see mankind defending itself in an apocalyptic battle against an alien enemy to prevent impending doom. We get a collage of action and destruction tempered with moments of humor and ominous dialogue. Despite the monotony, there are a few intriguing elements to this trailer. 

           The premise that Transformers have always been on Earth and have influenced major world events is an interesting one, having the usually heroic Optimus Prime become the villain adds a new element to the story, and of course the presence of Sir Anthony Hopkins adds a bit of gravity to the madness. 

         For me, the Transformers franchise is a collection of visual noise bereft of any concrete human emotion and character connection. It’s cinematic eye candy that can often leave a sour taste. In spite of all that, there’s always something to enjoy in these films especially if your a fan of the original series. Transformers: The Last Knight looks like its going to be the same bombastic blockbuster as usual and depending on your taste, that’s either a good thing or a bad thing. 


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