The marketing machine for Spider-Man: Homecoming went to another level this week with the release of two spectacular posters and two amazing trailers. The trailers, one International and the other domestic, depict Peter Parker after the events of Captain America: Civil War learning to become a more low key superhero under the mentorship of  Mr. Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. We see Parker adjusting to the life of a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man until a new enemy pulls him further out of the shadows. 

      There are three definitive things to note about these trailers. One, this is going to be an enjoyable film. Is It going to be perfect? Maybe not, but it seems to have enough comedic antics, heroic action scenes, and character moments to keep the average filmgoer satisfied. Two, these are very Tony Stark centric trailers. We see Iron Man and Tony Stark several times throughout and he even seems to be the motivator of the films antagonist. This does fit Spide-Man more into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but many have joked that it looks like an Iron Man 4 movie featuring Spider-Man. ( Which wouldn’t have been a bad idea. )

         And three, you can tell this is going to be an awesome movie because…well…the trailer basically shows you the whole movie! There should be a spoiler alert before these trailers because they give away important story beats…in order! If you’re an avid watcher of Marvel films, you can basically piece together the whole story. I’m almost tempted to tell viewers to stay away from the trailers to avoid spoiler material and preserve the mystery. Luckily, there are still a few unknown elements of the film that hopefully won’t be revealed in future trailers. As a movie fan, I don’t need to see anymore trailers or posters. I’ve seen enough and I’m sold. 

        As far as the posters are concerned, one of them is cool and looks more like a teaser image, but the other one really does look like an Iron Man 4 poster. As a matter of fact, the new poster is being absolutely ripped apart by the online fan community. Just google “new spider-man posters” for the social media carnage surrounding them. The posters are of no concern. Every movie now has five or ten posters and more will come. As I said before, I don’t need anymore trailers. I’m ready for the Spider-Man! 


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