Blade Runner 2049 is pure cinematic art. It’s a grand vision of a film that is both philosophical and filled with seductive visuals. Every moment of this sci-fi epic is filled with spectacular colors and picturesque camera angles. Watching this film is like watching a moving piece of artwork.

       The original Blade Runner film featured Harrison Ford as Deckard, a special police force agent charged with hunting down and killing human-like synthetic androids called replicants. By the end of the film, we wonder whether Deckard himself is a replicant or not. Blade Runner 2049 picks up 30 years after where we follow Agent K who is an advanced replicant charged with hunting down older models. During the film, there’s a possibility that Agent K could be half human. 


       Just like the original, this film is not just a flashy science fiction film with pretty pictures, it’s also a thoughtful commentary on the meaning of being human and the desire to connect. There’s also a dark and moody film noir aspect that adds weight to the film. For most of the film, we follow Ryan Gosling’s Agent K as he investigates an odd occurrence in the world of replicants and begins to discover a few things about his own humanity or the lack thereof. 

           Ryan Gosling is very engaging as a replicant who explores his human side. Technically, Agent K is considered an artificial intelligence, but through Gosling’s skilled performance, we can see the humanity in him simmering below the surface. The most captivating and emotional performance comes from Harrison Ford who reprises his role as Deckard. 

        Director Denis Villeneuve has created nothing short of a visual masterpiece. He expands upon the dystopian world created by Ridley Scott in the original film. He creates a world where technology is flourishing and humanity is dying. Society is plagued with pollution, erratic weather patterns, and a nagging sense of loneliness. The film also has a moderate pace that gives us time to take in and live in the unique environments that Villeneuve creates.

        To fully enjoy this cinematic artwork, Blade Runner 2049 must be seen in theaters. It is the perfect combination of visuals, sound, action, and compelling characters. 



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